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Requirements for Obtaining a Marriage License


Applying for Marriage License

  • Parties must come in to the County Clerk’s office together to apply.
  • Parties must fill out and sign a Marriage License Application.
  • Parties must present valid identification with proof of age (Ex:  Driver’s License, State Identification, Passport or U.S. Armed Forces Identification)
  • Non-Citizens:  If one or both applicants are residents of a foreign country and do not have a social security card, then they must present a Green Card, Work Visa, Passport, Tourist or Visitor Visa Number.
  • Parties must show proof of residence.  If form of identification does not show a Cabell County address, party must present something to confirm they are a resident. (Ex:  utility bill)
  • Parties must provide Social Security Number.  If applicant(s) are residents of a foreign country and do not have a Social Security Number, they must present a green card , work visa, passport or a tourist/visitor visa number.

Fee for obtaining a Marriage License, without pre-marriage counseling, is $56.00.

Fee for obtaining a Marriage License, with pre-marriage counseling, is $36.00.

Proof of marriage counseling must be presented at time application for license is made.  The premarital education course completion certificates must be dated within one year of the application for marriage, on letterhead, and signed by the minister or counselor.

Parties must provide Mother’s and Father’s full names (First, Middle and Last Name) and place of birth (City, State and Country).

If either party has been previously married, they must provide the exact month, day and year that the previous marriage ended and indicate if was by death, divorce or annulment.


Marriage License are:

Issued while you wait, effective immediately after issued, valid for 60 days, effective only in West Virginia, must be married by a minister that is registered in the State of West Virginia or Judicial Judge, and no blood test is required.

Fee must be paid by cash only.