• Seeking Alternate Election Officials

    Seeking Alternate Election Officials

    The County Clerk’s office is seeking alternate election officials for the 2016 General Election, being held on November 8, 2016. Anyone who is a registered Democrat or Republican voter or is registered as an unaffiliated voter in Cabell County and would like to become an alternate, please contact our office immediately at 304-526-8633 or 304-526-8626 for more information. Read More
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Welcome to the official web site of the Cabell County Clerk! 

The County Clerk’s office is responsible for the recordation and preservation of most documents relating to our citizens. Such as land records, birth, death and marriage records and wills…just to name a few. 

County Clerks also serve as the Chief Financial Officer, and is responsible for maintaining and processing all of the county’s financial records, including the budget, payroll and accounts payable. The County Clerk is the county’s Chief Election Officer.  Therefore, conducting all Cabell County elections is another major responsibility of the County Clerk’s office.